Why a cherry tree in your garden? Cherries are delicious fruits for Health

Why  a cherry tree in your garden? Cherries are delicious fruits for Health

Why a cherry tree in your garden? Cherries are delicious fruits for Health. Through time, many myths have developed about the tree of cherries. In Japan it is considered to be a national symbol, the cherry blossoms are now associated with luck and fortune within Greek mythology as well as beautiful women in China. In Europe beginning in the beginning of spring, one thing that people can’t help but notice is the beautiful appearance of cherry trees, which are beginning to blossom. Therefore, it is evident that the the cherry tree is not just an amongst the most stunning trees around however, it is thought to be the tree that produces some of the best tasting fruits around which is the cherry. That’s why there’s a great attraction in adorning your yard with a cherry tree .

What are the benefits of having a cherry tree in your garden?

A well-known quote by Cuban musician Compay Segundo states, “To be successful in life, a man must have a child, write a book, and plant a tree .” Perhaps we should plant a tree in our backyard and, above the rest, how about choose a fruit tree, like that of the cherries. In reality, the garden is an area which is more or less huge that is designed to allow us moments of rest and different kinds of ornaments for trees that can result in the selection of plants that have original scent, thick and fragrant foliage. They also facilitate the development of strategically placed places of shadow and corners you can seek refuge from the attention of your neighbors. Why a cherry tree in your garden? Cherries are delicious fruits for Health

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As one of the most beautiful options to beautify your landscape, fruit trees have a prominent place. This is the situation with cherries that are taking over increasing numbers of gardens. They are significant not just for the delicious fruits they provide us. They are also important for the fascinating tale of seasons that, through the flowering process, the birth of fruit and the fall of leaves, reveal the passage of time as well as the beauty of nature. The cherry tree is a symbol of the beauty of its flowers that is a sign of the beginning of spring. Its fruit, the cherry, is distinguished by a dark red shade and a spherical form and a delicious taste which makes it the queen of the table in the summer.

If you are a fan of delicious and light desserts that are made of seasonal fruits then you must enhance the beauty of your yard with cherry trees. Poetry writer Pablo Neruda will not say that he is saying the exact opposite when he sings: “I want to do with you, what spring does with the cherry trees”.

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Some suggestions for taking good care of the cherries


The ideal time to plant cherry trees is in April. This is 10 to 15 days of melting snow before the soil begins to thaw. The greatest attention cherries require is towards the end of winter. The time to begin flowering, it’s essential to boost the fertility of your soil by adding organic fertilizers as well as a component high in the mineral phosphorus. It is also crucial to water your plants regularly but not soaking the soil. The cherry tree is tolerant of drought quite well, but excessive moisture could cause cracking and rot in the root of fruit that are ripening.

Remember that the plants must be placed at least 9-10 meters apart. In contrast the space between rows should be between 10 and 11 meters. Also, keep of the fact that the cherry is a very long-lived tree and isn’t recommended to place it in pots. Since it is in the ground.

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it will experience natural growth, it will also produce more fruit and be less susceptible to attack by parasites. The sun’s exposure can make it stronger, however, watch out for frosts in the late afternoon that can ruin the flowering


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