Twitter Starts Hiring Again After Mass Layoffs

Twitter Starts Hiring Again After Mass Layoffs

Twitter starts hiring again after mass layoffs. Twitter has apparently finished cuts to staff and has started hiring again. The new social media giant’s CEO Elon Musk has also stated the fact that Blue Verification will not come back until Twitter stops impersonating on its platform.

Employees who have remained in the company after Elon Musk asked them to take on “a really hardcore Twitter” according to The Verge, won’t be fired or fired or laid off. In an all-hands gathering, Musk stated the Twitter will continue to search for candidates to fill sales and engineering positions, despite the current cuts. Musk appeared to have made this statement the day when layoffs struck the sales and partnerships teams.

Two executives who refused to comply with Musk’s orders to cut off more employees. Robin Wheeler, head of the sales of ads at Twitter along with Maggie Suniewick, VP of partnerships, are said to be dismissed.

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An insider with knowledge of the subject said to the Verge that Musk did not specify the positions Twitter is seeking to fill. However, he did state it was “in terms of critical hires, people who are great at writing software are the highest priority”. Employees also questioned Musk regarding Twitter’s future plans and whether it will relocate the headquarters of its subsidiary to Texas like Tesla did. Musk reported that there were no plans to relocate Twitter headquarters to Texas however being dual-headquartered across both states could be advantageous.

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Musk added that moving to Texas could confirm the notion that Twitter has changed from an open-minded platform to one that is conservative. Musk has denied this, saying, “This is not a right-wing takeover of Twitter. It’s a moderate-wing takingover of Twitter”. He added:

To become the town square of the digital age and represent people who have a variety of viewpoints, even if do not agree with their views.


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