Tesla’s Rimac Nevera defeats it to become the world’s fastest-electric car

Tesla's Rimac Nevera defeats it to become the world's fastest electric car

Rimac Nevera is a Croatian all electric hypercar that has set the speed record at 256 mph (412 km/h)

The speed record for Tesla Model S Plaid was previously held prior to the Nevera. Rimac, however, isn’t content with this historic milestone as it feels that the track wasn’t long enough to allow the Nevera to reach its limit.

The debut of the $2.44 billion hypercar in 2022 was to compete with hypercars like Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg jesko, SSC Tuatara and others similar cars.

It is equipped with a quad-electric motor and a 120 kWh lithium battery pack. This allows it to produce 1,914 horsepower (hp), and 2,360 Newton-meters of torque (Nm), which allow it to sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds.

Rimac Nevera’s maximum speed from the factory is 330 km/h. Rimac Nevera’s top speed is 330 kph from the factory. Customers can pay extra to remove the limiter to gain access to 412 km/h. Experts state that the Nevera can reach higher top speeds due to the use of gearing. Rimac acknowledges that all electric powertrains still have a lot of work to do before they can match internal combustion engines in terms performance.

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