Teacher Injured as Monkey Breaks into School [Video]

Teacher Injured as Monkey Breaks into Govt High School [Video]

Teacher Injured as Monkey Breaks into Govt High School. In a shocking incident, the monkey escaped the school’s main entrance within Karachi’s Jacob Lines neighborhood. The incident caused students and teachers to be terrified and viral footage of the incident captures the monkey perched upon the wall of the school. Teachers are observed taking pictures of the animals and making videos of the incident. One teacher was said to have been attacked by a creature while filming.

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Based on the report of the principal of the school the monkeys’ infiltration into Karachi schools is commonplace and these incidents are regularly reported.

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The school of government is located in a forest with plantations and trees and is believed to be responsible for the increase in the number of animals visiting. In an incident similar to this year, a class packed with students from primary schools was evacuated after a four-foot snake was found in Peshawar. The snake was found under the chatai (mat) of the classroom, according the administration of the primary school. Teachers and students fled for safe areas until the snake was killed.


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