Supreme Court Bans Heavy Bikes on Motorways (Must Read)

Supreme Court Bans Heavy Bikes on Motorways (Must Read)

The Supreme Court (SC), Friday, overturned a high court ruling that denied heavy-bike riders permission on motorways. It was dated four years ago. SC noted that authorities had properly restricted motorcyclists in accordance with the legislation to ensure public safety. Justice Sardar Tariq Masood, a three-judge Supreme Court bench, granted an appeal by the Ministry of Communications and Inspector General (IG), of the National Highways and Motorway Police to overturn an Islamabad High Court order (IHC) from four years ago.

In its 2018 decision, the top court demanded a more standard operating procedure (SOP), for motorbikes riding on roads.

Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar, the judge who wrote the nine-page verdict, reaffirmed the order of the high court. He stated that the motorway restriction imposed on motorcycles under Section 45 (NHSO 2000) was legal and could be read as an infraction of any fundamental rights to life or liberty.

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He also noted that the IHC did not challenge this clause as being beyond the powers of the Constitution and the NHSO. According to the ruling, government can ban or limit motor vehicle operation in any area or along a route specified for safety or convenience.


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