Sony and Honda to Introduce Built-in Gaming in Upcoming EVs you need to know

Sony and Honda to Introduce Built-in Gaming in Upcoming EVs you need to know

Carmakers from all over the world are constantly coming new concepts to stand out from a ocean of new automobiles. In response to this, Sony-Honda Mobility (SHM) has made the decision to introduce gaming into their forthcoming electric vehicle (EVs).

Sony is widely recognized for its superiority in the field of gaming through PlayStation. SHM President, Izumi Kawanishi, stated in an interview with Financial Times that the company will utilize its competitive edge in entertainment to differentiate its vehicles.

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In his interview, he said: Sony provides services, content, and entertainment technology that can move people. The company is adapting its assets for mobility and this is what differentiates us from Tesla. Sony is developing an automobile as hardware that can cater for the type of entertainment network that we want to provide. Sony is widely regarded as a provider of an array of technology. Sony will probably make a name for it by launching a car which is designed to be a high-quality entertainment vehicle by incorporating the latest gaming console, entertainment system and a premium stereo system, large screens, as well as other entertaining devices.


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