Samsung to Copy a Highly Useful iPhone Feature Soon [Leak]

Samsung to Copy a Highly Useful iPhone Feature Soon [Leak]

Samsung to copy a highly useful iPhone feature soon [Leak]. It seems it’s possible that Samsung plans to follow Apple’s steps yet again. The headphone jack has been removed and charging bricks have also been recently however this time, it might be just an upgrade. It is possible that the Apple emergency SOS feature in the iPhone 14, which works through satellites via the Globalstar partnership, is being added to Samsung Galaxy phones soon, is the latest report from Korean press ET News. The emergency communications feature lets users connect with authorities via SOS messages even if they don’t have internet access or access to a mobile network. Iridium is believed to have partnered with Samsung to bring satellite communications into Galaxy S23. Galaxy S23 family.

Samsung has been working on overcoming technical hurdles to bring satellite connectivity to smartphones for over 2 years and now it seems that they have finally succeeded in it. With the introduction of the Galaxy S23 series, it is expected that you can send messages via text and even small images (of hundreds of megabytes) through satellite.

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Antennas for satellite phones that are dedicated tend to be large, so the task was to cut them down to fit inside a regular phone without making it twice as large.

The land area of Korea is small , but is well-covered by 5G services Therefore, Samsung isn’t expecting the technology to be popular in its own backyard. But, it’s likely to be a hit across North as well as South America, Europe, Russia, and China, especially in areas with weak infrastructure.

The Galaxy S23 family will reportedly utilize a more refined version of Qualcomm’s recent launch of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset The launch is reportedly scheduled for the beginning of February.

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Remember that there’s no official confirmation from Samsung to date We would suggest taking these details with a pinch of salt, as it’s only from leaks.


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