OnePlus 9 Review must read

OnePlus just launched its next flagship, the OnePlus 9.

The OnePlus 9 is a rare phone that we feel like we are getting our money’s value. The phone comes equipped with impressive features, but it is not as expensive as its counterparts on the market.

Recently, the difference in features between the Pro and non Pro versions of OnePlus phones is getting larger. The difference in price may be justified by the lackluster features. Is it the best flagship phone at its price? Let’s get into the review and find out.

Design & Show:

A first glance may leave you feeling like you have seen it before. There are many similarities between the OnePlus 8T and the OnePlus 9. The exception to this rule is the new camera setup at the back.

The OnePlus 9’s design is sophisticated. The back is glossy and the front has a flat display. There’s a small punch hole in the corner that allows for slim bezels. This gives the user a stunning corner to corner display that makes using the phone and watching videos much more enjoyable.

The OnePlus 9 is not equipped with an LTPO display, unlike the 9 Pro. The display is nonetheless impressive. It boasts a 6.55 inch Fluid AMOLED panel that has Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Sounds familiar? Perhaps it’s because the display is identical to that on the OnePlus 8T.

The display displays exceptional colour accuracy and an adaptive 120 Hz refresh speed. You can set the refresh rate to lower than 60 Hz, depending on what’s displayed. This will save you battery. It is disappointing that the OnePlus 9 doesn’t support a higher refresh rate when gaming.

Gorilla Glass is used on the front and back of the phone to improve build quality. The reinforced plastic frame supports the phone. It’s so high-quality that most people will mistake it for metal. The reality is that it’s made of plastic and doesn’t feel like it’s premium. Although the phone is protected from dust and water, it doesn’t have an IP68 rating as the OnePlus 9 Pro. This is again disappointing.


The optical fingerprint reader in the OnePlus 9 Pro is similar but was located a bit lower. It unlocks quickly and accurately, but it can sometimes be a bit slower.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon888 chipset for OnePlus 9 is based on the 5 nm architecture.

The new UFS3.1 storage is available on the device. There are two memory options. A 8 GB option has 128GB of internal storage. A 12 GB option has 256GB of internal storage. However, it does not have expandable storage.

The phone packs a lot of power, and it is not only in flagship territory but also outperforms many Snapdragon 888 powered phones within the same price range. This phone will be capable of handling graphic intensive gaming, image processing apps, and all day-to-day operations.

OnePlus 9 has Android 11 with OxygenOS 11 on top. The OnePlus 8T was the first to see this UI. Oxygen OS has been improved over time to support large displays. Many operations can now be performed single-handedly.

You can use the system every day with ease. You can customize your system icons, ambient display, font, and even the system icons to make it more personal.

Audio is a priority for the OnePlus 9, and it has a stereo speaker set with a dedicated loudspeaker in the bottom and an earpiece in the earpiece.


This phone is equipped with a 4500mAh battery, which can be split into two cells to charge quickly.

It supports fast-charging at 65W and wireless charging at 15W. Even though the battery is sufficient to get you through the day without any problems, there are also other flagship phones that can charge larger batteries. But the real advantage lies in the charging speed.


Perhaps the most fascinating feature of this device is its camera setup. The OnePlus 9 has a 48MP main sensor and a 50MP ultra wide camera. There is also a 2MP depth sensor.

The photos from the main camera are superior to those taken with previous OnePlus phones.

The day images showed decent detail. These images turned out to be noisier than we expected and didn’t look great when they were cropped in.

The OnePlus 9 lacks a dedicated telephoto zoom lens. Instead, it uses a 2X digital Zoom. It’s not very impressive. Only the main camera can take portraits. By default, the portrait mode zooms in a little to reduce distortion.

For macro shots, you can use the ultra-wide lens. Although the phone does capture very well macro images, it is not as precise as some of the other smartphones.

In low light, however, the camera setup does not disappoint. Even when night mode is off, you can still get great details, a nice exposure and accurate colors. However, you can still get great images with great details, exposure and color if night mode is on.

Also, it has a 16MP fixed-focus selfie camera. This provides good detail, decent color performance, as well as adequate dynamic range throughout the day. While selfie portraits look great, they suffer from the same issues as main camera photos in terms of blurring and aggressiveness.

The OnePlus 9 has a better camera setup that the OnePlus 8T.

Final verdict

It does have notable features, such as a nice screen, a powerful chipet, lightning-fast charging, and a decent camera setup. It lacks certified water protection, no telephoto cameras, a downgraded main sensors from the OnePlus 9 Pro, and a low-quality plastic frame. Overall, the phone is a decent price and can be considered for a smartphone. However, it is not quite as competitive as the iPhone 13 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra


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