How to wear your Glasses Day In and Out

You may feel like you’re never quite able to put them on or take them off. You’re constantly checking your phone for glasses tips, trying to find the perfect pair of glasses for your face, and putting them on and taking them off to avoid upsetting your friends. It can all be stressing you out, and for good reason — your glasses are a safety measure, not a fashion statement. You don’t want to be known as the guy who can’t put on glasses, or the one who’s always swishing them on or off. The best way to wear your glasses day in and day out is with a smile and a laugh. That’s right, not just strait-laced and serious, but also with a smile. You can wear your glasses with any normal smile, and that’s a good thing. Because as we all know, a smile is a pretty accurate way to tell if you’re wearing glasses. Whether you’re an avid reader of literature or a serious movie buff, you can look your favorite characters in the eye and still have fun while doing it! So to help you on the way to becoming a more confident, happy wearer of glasses, here are some simple tips:

Know your frames

The first thing you need to know about wearing glasses is how your own eyes measure up to the glasses you’re wearing. Most sunglasses have a lens size that someone with your eye color will be able to wear, but not everyone has the same lens size, which can make it difficult to match glasses. It’s important to know your own eyes so you can pick the right frames for you. If you’re unsure about the proper size, wear your glasses half-on and half-off so you can get an idea of how they feel on your face. If you find that the glasses feel too small or the nose piece is irritating your eyes, you should definitely consider purchasing a pair that is a bit larger. If you regularly wear glasses, it’s important to get in touch with your eyes and learn how they measure up to different styles and types of eyeglass frames. You can usually tell by looking at someone that their eyes don’t match the glasses because their eyes are big, dark and round and you won’t be able to see any whites. If you’re unsure about which type of frame you’ll like, it’s usually best to go with a more established fashion brand so you can be sure you get exactly what you ordered.

Keep it simple!

When people first start wearing glasses, they often get the wrong idea about how they look. What’s more, they rarely think about how they feel while doing so. For example, a group of adolescents wearing contact lenses might spend the majority of their time looking at one another in the eye. This is fine, they’re having fun, and they may even spend some time talking with one another. However, when one of the individuals in the group starts to pull his/her eyes out of the sockets, the others are left with few options. They may begin to :

  • Excessive eye-rolling
  • Wear contacts
  • Keep looking at their phone
  • Blink away the light from their glasses

Don’t stress about the lenses

Do you find yourself struggling to put on your glasses? You might be having a hard time focusing, you may be looking a bit blurry, and you may even be having a Vision Disorder (e.g., macular degeneration or macular edema). It’s okay to feel a little sheepish when you get home from work with your glasses on and your friend who has them on asks you to take them off right away. Your glasses are a wonderful piece of personal equipment. The more times you wear them the better you’ll like them. Again, don’t stress about the lenses — they’re a part of being a glasses wearer and they will look great with any outfit you wear.

Have fun with it

If you’re looking to have a lot less stress, and are looking to have a lot more fun with your glasses, try to participate in something a little less intimidating and a little bit more accessible than being in the eye. Yes, you can still wear your glasses with your glasses cap, but in an accessible way so you don’t look like you’ve gotten out of control. You can try out dancing, doing crafts, or doing crafts with your friends. You can also try wearing your glasses with a pair of gloves if you’re cold or want to stay out a little longer than necessary.

Don’t forget to put on your glasses cap!

You may find that it’s more comfortable to wear your glasses with your caps on. It gives you a better view of the whole situation, and you can easily tell whether anyone is watching you in the eyes. If you find that you’re starting to put on your glasses more often without your glasses cap on, take them off — or at least take them off while you’re still able to see. It’s been proven to improve your vision by up to 15%.

Make sure you have a safety pin in your glasses bag

If you’re going to take your glasses off, it should be while you’re still able to see, and not when your eyes are about to pop out of their sockets. It’s been proven to improve your vision by up to 15%. Make sure you have a safety pin in your glasses bag, and keep it there while you’re wearing your glasses. This way, if something bad happens and you can’t see, you don’t lose it in the rain or get your glasses soaking wet while you’re backing out of your house.

Don’t forget to take your glasses off before going to bed

If you’re going to take your glasses off while you’re still able to see, do it while your eyes are still connected to the brain. This is because it’s not the most effective way to take them off. It’s proven to reduce the risk of eye disease by up to 50%. You can also put your glasses on before going to bed, to help ensure that you’re totally dry before turning in.


Your glasses are a great way to protect and improve your vision. They not only make you look younger and more mature, but they also help to prevent eye diseases like macular degeneration, diabetes and cancer. Pairing your glasses with a classic pair of loafers is a great idea, as is wearing your glasses with a watch. They are a great way to blend a sporty look with a casual atmosphere. There are so many ways to wear your glasses day in and out, and it’s important to find something you enjoy doing so you don’t end up looking like an exhibitionist.

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