How to share the Jazz Balance

How to share the Jazz Balance

In this article I will tell you how to share the Jazz Balance. You’re in good company if you are an active Jazz user. Jazz offers many benefits, but the best is the ability to share your Jazz load with other users. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to share your Jazz load with another Jazz user.

It has been a great success for Pakistan’s telecom sector. No matter the situation, everything is at our fingertips. It has made communication more efficient and productive, as well as allowing us to manage our daily chores more efficiently. You can pay bills, transfer money, book a flight or pay your bills with just one tap.

A good phone connection offers many benefits, including the ability to transfer cash from one SIM card to another. You don’t know how? This step-by-step guide will make sharing your Jazz balance easy. It’s true!

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Jazz: Share your Balance

Jazz lets its prepaid customers share credit with friends and family during times of financial need. This sharing is allowed between Jazz customers, but it is not permitted. This feature is especially useful in emergency situations. It can save lives, you never know!

To Share the Jazz Balance

You and the recipient of the credit must have an active prepaid Jazz SIM.

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Open the dialer in your phone.

Insert the number and the amount you want to share in the given format: *100*Jazz Number*Amount in Rupees# For Example: *100*03055696556*300#

Once you have entered the number you wish to send credit to and the amount in rupees you are paying, you’ll see a message box to confirm Jazz share.

To confirm, type 1 and then proceed.

You will be charged Rs. This service is available at 4.77 plus tax/transaction

Limit of Jazz balance transfer from one number to the other is Rs. 500 transactions

Maximum Rs. 500, and a minimum Rs. 15 times per day

All prices exclude tax. Jazz may change the codes at any time.


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