How to change username in Shopee |4 Easy Steps

How to change username in Shopee |4 Easy Steps

How to change username in Shopee | 4 Easy Steps In this article I will guide you how to change username in Shopee fast and without hassle. This is really easy and applicable to everyone.

How to change username is shopee |Easy steps

Many people have a username that doesnot represent them or their brand. You can now change your username

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1. Go to your  profile page in your Shopee app.

2. Click on settings.

3. Click on change username.

4. Enter a new username and click save. However, this option is only available after you        successfully change the shipping destination.

There you go! You have successfully changed your username.

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What is Shopee?

1) Shopee is a shopping application designed for Asian Countries that allows you will find a variety of items from clothes to electronics.

2) Shopee operates an online market that originates from Asia from which you can get a wide range of goods. It’s a fantastic app that can be downloaded on your smartphone to purchase. Anything from notebooks as well as a laptop computer or even a minion costume for your child.


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