How can I request a balance from my family and friends?

How can I request balance from my family and friends?

How can I request a balance from my family and friends? Zong allows clients to request balance from friends or relatives in an emergency. Follow these steps to receive Zong balance from another Zong user:

Dial *829# from your phone

Enter the number of the sender you would like to request a balance.

Please enter the amount that you would like.

For a balance request, dial *829#

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Terms and Conditions

1) This service is only available to prepaid customers. Both the sender and the receiver are eligible.

2) Transfers are allowed up to Rs.10/-

3) Maximum transfer amount is Rs.200/-

4) The customer must have at least Rs.5/- in their account after Yaari Load.

5) Tariffs and service tariff packages for Dealer/Employee/Franchise/Dealer & Franchise  families are not available.

6) Each customer is allowed to perform five transactions per day.

7) Ask Frequently Questions

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What's Yaari Load?

Yaari load, a balance-sharing program for Zong clients is available. This service allows you to do the following:

1) Balance Transfer – Send money between SIMs.

2) Ask for a balance – Request someone to provide your SIM’s balance.

Is there a subscription required for this service?

The Yaari Load service doesn’t require a subscription. The service can be used whenever you want.

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Is there a charge for asking balance?

Requesting a balance from Zong users is free of charge. The charges will be deducted if the transfer is successful.

Is there a minimum age requirement to be eligible for balance sharing?

You are eligible if you have recharged Rs.50 or more within the past 30 days.

How often can I send the balance via Yaari Load?

Zong Prepaid customers can share their balance up 5 times per day.

Do I have to keep a minimum balance in order to use Yaari Load?

The Yaari Load must be paid in full before you can transfer any money. For example, if your SIM card balance is Rs.13 and you want to transfer Rs.10 It won’t work because the balance is less than Rs.5 so you won’t have enough money to do it.

Does the load-transfer service work in Pakistan?

Yaari Load is available to customers from Pakistan.

Does Yaari load service offer postpaid customers?

Zong balance sharing service is not available to postpaid connections subscribers. Both the sender AND the receiver must use a Zong SIM prepaid SIM.

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Can we split the balance between Zong to Ufone or Telenor? Jazz/Warid?

You are unable to do so. This service supports only ZONG-ZONG transfers.

Are there limits on the amount that can be transferred?

Yaari Load allows you to transfer a minimum amount of Rs.10 or a maximum amount of Rs.200.

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