Furious Adnan Siddiqui Challenges Sajal Aly

‘Hoist the National Flag Upside Down?’ Furious Adnan Siddiqui Challenges Sajal Aly

‘Hoist the National Flag Upside Down?’ Furious Adnan Siddiqui Challenges Sajal Aly. Stars Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Aly had a disagreement about Shehzad Roy’s and Abdul Wahab Bugti’s performance of the national anthem at the LUX Style Awards 2022 in Lahore on Friday. Shehzad Roy as well as Coke Studio’s well-known singer Wahab Bugti sang an original rendition that incorporated elements of folk and contemporary styles.

The veteran actor was not a fan of the reworked performance and posted his thoughts on social media the night before.

Are we allowed to play with the lyrics of our National Anthem, which was written to inspire us with pride and to bring us back to the glory of our country? Can the Constitution allow anyone to invent or remix an original Tarana under the name of imagination? It’s always played with the original version at games and tournaments as well as on other official occasions. In a renowned award ceremony, some artists alter the National symbol and may be able to get away with it.

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The rant ended with saying that he personally felt this “remix of the Taranadisrespectful”.

Although many fans favored the singer, some believed that his remix is more welcoming of Pakistan’s marginalized population. The Adnan Siddiqui’s Yeh Dil Meraco-star Sajal Ally was in agreement with the latter.

Sajal Aly

Commenting in the Instagram account, she shared,


Pakistan’s diversity is beautiful. An
anthem of our national anthem, which includes historically marginalized groups
is more patriotic than imposition of an uncompromising and unifying concept of
how we should show our gratitude to the nation and the people of Pakistan.

Sajal Aly also called on everyone to “stop policing” people on the best way to express their patriotism.

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She asked

Our constitution is a celebration of the various varieties of languages, ethnicities, and traditions of the nation. What are we going to do similarly?

Adnan Siddiqui disagreed with Sajal Aly and asked Sajal Aly to reconsider her position because she was missing the essence. He stated,

“Historically marginalized groups” can demonstrate their love for our country without having to compromise the authenticity of our national pride. I’m not trying to cast doubt on the ethnicity of the artists or anyone else’s pride in their country. My complaint is with the lack of enthusiasm and nonchalance toward singing the National Anthem.

Furious Adnan Siddiqui Challenges Sajal Aly. Sajal Aly responded again and said that she saw in the image to be a reflection of the diverse culture of Pakistan. According to her

As I am a Pakistani also an artist I was able to see the diverse nature of my nation as reflected in this rendition the national anthem. It was beautiful. It was therapeutic for me. Shehzad Roy, Wahab Bugti did not violate any law. They did not violate any procedure. Their performance reflected the principles that are a part of the Constitution and was true to the initial hymn.

The Mere Pass Tum Hoantagonist actor finally informed Sajal Aly she’s making “unnecessary controversy” as he isn’t focusing on the performers as well as their race.

Who do you believe is the right person in this situation?


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