Here are The Most Visited Websites in Pakistan

Here is The Most Visited Websites in Pakistan

Here is The Most Visited Websites in Pakistan. The top 10 of the most popular websites in Pakistan are not much different from other sites in the world. Like you’d expect, the most prominent tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are present in a majority of countries, including Pakistan.

According to the web analytics company SimilarWeb, the top six websites the top six websites Pakistan were unchanged as of October, compared with the month before. As usual the top websites were Google, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

But in the lower ranks, which is below the top 6 the names that are below number 10 changed ranks in comparison to September. Netflix moved up one position to make it into the top 7, LinkedIn dropped one rank lower to 8th place and lost its spot to Netflix. Google Search’s Pakistani handle,,made progress on one tank and climbed to the 9th position.

October was not a good month Fiver in Pakistan because the freelance website fell three ranks and slid to the lowest position on the list.

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Here is the Websites

Is It Any Different Outside of Pakistan?

When comparing these numbers with their global rankings The top three names are the same across the globe. Google, YouTube, and Facebook are the top three websites across the globe However, WhatsApp’s ranking is considerably lower than the rest of the world. It ranks fourth in Pakistan however it goes all the way to 23 in global rankings.

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Instagram remains the same in the absence of Pakistan However, Twitter rises from 6 to fourth. Netflix’s ranking also drops throughout the world. It falls from Pakistan’s position 7 to the 22nd position.

This is also true the same for LinkedIn its global ranking, which is a long way below Pakistan which is ranked 18 (down from 8). But, Fiver sees the biggest decrease in the list when you look at its rankings. Its global ranking is not even within the top 500.

It seems that a global ranking too. It’s ranked at 4680 all over the world. Maybe it’s to do with a few very few VPN users.


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