Heidi Klum shares a special picture of her son

Heidi Klum shares a special picture of her son

Heidi Klum shares a special picture of her son. A holiday with Heidi Klum and her family Heidi Klum shared a special photo for Johan’s birthday.

There’s a reason to celebrate with the household of the model mum Heidi Klum (49). Your son Johan’s birthday is coming up. She has 10.2 million Instagram followers. Klum uploaded a photo that appeared together with Johan as he jokingly played with his tongue towards the camera while it was just a small boy. What’s unique about this picture is that she usually shields her children from public view and hides their faces on social media with Emojis.

To the picture of her child, Johan wrote “Klum” with a myriad of hearts and celebration emojis “Today Johan turns sweet 16. I love you so greatly.” Through her Instagram stories, she also posts images of the festivities. Here is a picture of the birthday boy’s face from behind, eating cake, and possibly visiting a recording studio alongside Klum’s partner Tom Kaulitz (33).

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Big blended family

Heidi Klum and the Tokio Hotel musicians are married since the year the year 2019 and have the largest family of patchwork. Heidi Klum brought 4 children to the wedding which include The sisters Leni (18) as well as Lou (13) along with the twins Henry (17) as well as Johan.

Leni Klum is the daughter of Heidi Klum and former sports manager Flavio Briatore (72). When Leni was born, at the time of her birth the model was in an affair with the singer Seal (59). Alongside him, she had three children. The year 2012 was the time that Klum along with Seal divorced.

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The mother of four caused quite a controversy with her interview on the US version of “The Sun”, which occurred prior to the conclusion of the NBC program “America’s Got Talent All-Stars” in Los Angeles. The interviewer had implied that she was contemplating having an additional child with her current husband. But:

“I mean, wanting it and actually being able to do it are two different things,” she added. Further: “The 50 is just right around the corner. It gets more challenging as you age. Would I really want to? Sometimes, I am thinking so.”


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