Formula 1: Haas separates from Schumacher, Hülkenberg becomes the successor

Formula 1: Haas separates from Schumacher, Hülkenberg becomes the successor

Mick Schumacher, after only two years, is on the verge to be a regular driver for the formula1. After months of uncertainty, it is now certain that the 23-year old and Haas from the USA will part ways at season’s end. The racing team has signed Schumacher’s 12-year-old compatriot Nico Hulkenberg as a successor. In a statement made before the Abu Dhabi season finale, Gunther Steiner, Haas team boss, was quoted saying that it was decided to “go separate ways in the future”. The entire team wishes Mick well for his next career steps.

Mike Schumacher There is only a small chance that he will remain in Formula 1 for the next season. A cockpit would be available if Logan Sargeant (the preferred candidate for the British Williams team) fails in Abu Dhabi at the last race weekend of Formula 2 and does not earn the points required for the super licence.

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The Haas bosses have not made any clear commitment to Mick Schumacher since he made his Formula 1 debut in 2021. Gene Haas, the racing team owner and Gunther Steiner, the team boss, had publicly complained about two costly and serious accidents that Schumacher caused in the first three months of the season. They had issued a point specification to their pilot for the four last races of this season. Mick Schumacher was clearly not in the top ten at Austin, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo.

In Formula 3, Mick Schumacher won the title in his second season. He did it again in Formula 2. Mick Schumacher was gradually made a second choice in Formula 1. For a long time, it was clear that he did not have a contract for next year. He was not offered a contract by any other team that had 2023 vacancies.

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Hulkenberg will be his successor. He could become the sole regular German driver of Formula 1 in 2023, following the resignation by Sebastian Vettel. He was born in Emmerich and has completed 181 Formula 1 races. However, he has never been on the podium, a negative record in Formula 1 racing. He worked later for Force India and Sauber, as well as Renault after his 2010 debut at Williams.

Hulkenberg had not been offered a contract renewal by the French at the end 2019 Hulkenberg has remained in contention for a return to the cockpit thanks to his strong spontaneity. Recent events have highlighted the possibility of Haas’ future commitment to the Rhineland native by the addition of an Aston Martin replacement pilot.


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