Cartel Office increases pressure on Amazon (MUST READ)

Cartel Office increases pressure on Amazon (MUST READ)


The US group filed a complaint with the Federal Cartel Office against the new legislation.

Dusseldorf. The Federal Cartel Office continues its investigation against Internet giant Amazon. Now, it wants to introduce new rules to allow authorities to intervene sooner. Andreas Mundt, head of the Cartel Office said that “with the new (..) powers we can prevent anticompetitive behaviour from Amazon better than ever before.”

In connection to the Amazon Marketplace retailer platform, the Cartel Office is currently investigating the US group in 2 proceedings. The Bonn competition watchdog had certified Amazon’s “cross market importance for competition” in July. This means that the Cartel Office could also apply the new tools to Amazon.

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Amazon will challenge the Federal Court of Justice’s fundamental decision. An Amazon spokesperson stated that they disagree with the Bundeskartellamt’s interpretation of this new, complex legislation and had filed a complaint. Amazon’s retail market is large and highly competitive online and offline.

Mundt, the head of the cartel office, sees it differently. Mundt, the head of the cartel, stated that Amazon is the “central key player” in e-commerce in July. Amazon holds a dominant market position.

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Amazon’s decision to appeal the authority means that it can “specifically address and prevent anti-competitive behaviour”.

The Cartel Office was given new tools by the legislator in January 2021. The authority has been able, since January 2021, to determine a company’s dominant position and to intervene to stop certain types of behaviour.

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Before Amazon, the new options Google as well as the Facebook Owner meta were already in place at the cartel office.


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