Big Tech goes on austerity course (AMAZON)

Big Tech goes on austerity course (AMAZON)

Amazon must save

The tech company is also looking at the business surrounding its smart speakers, and the language assistant Alexa.

New York, Dusseldorf These are the most requested requests made by users to the smart speaker Amazon Echo, according to Quora’s knowledge platform. Problem: Amazon wanted to hear from other customers.

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, wants Alexa to help them connect with customers and sell products. Amazon predicted that a $5 loss per device would turn into a $2 profit in 2028 five years ago.

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This is the most dangerous job you can work for in tech companies. Over the past week, thousands of employees of different tech conglomerates were laid off. Now Amazon is joining the growing number of companies that are parting ways from their workers.

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According to a newspaper report in Bangalore, the internet giant Amazon puts unprofitable divisions to the testing. According to the Wall Street Journal, the device division, where Alexa is a voice assistant, is also being debated. The division, which is a highly ramified one, recently suffered an operating loss of over five billion dollars. Amazon advised employees in certain areas to look for other positions within the company. Amazon’s share price rose more than 11 percent.


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