BAIC Launches BJ60 as Toyota Prado’s Competitor [Photos]

BAIC Launches BJ60 as Toyota Prado's Competitor [Photos]

BAIC launches BJ60 as toyota prado’s competitor. BAIC has launched its brand-new BJ60 SUV specifically for its Chinese market. The state-owned company has positioned its mid-sized SUV to rival its Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Trumpchi GS8, and GWM Tank 500. However, unlike its crossover SUV counterparts, BJ60 is a proper four-wheel drive body-on-frame off-road vehicle. In comparison with BJ40 it appears sleeker and more civilized. It shares a similar silhouette, but it appears more subtle to its smaller version. The strong profile lines, the massive size, and a hefty design make it a striking SUV.

BJ60 is a turbocharged 2 liter engine that is paired with a 48V mild hybrid motor. This means that its highest performance is 267 horsepower with 406 Nm torque. It comes with an eight-speed auto gearbox with an top speed of 180 km/h.

BJ60 features a part-time four-wheel drive front, middle, and back differential locks and 9 different driving modes. BAIC says that the BJ60’s hybrid system can allow the acceleration of zero to one hundred in just six seconds as well as a distance of 1000 kilometers.

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BJ60 includes a variety of modern features, including:

Instrument cluster that is fully digital

12.8” infotainment unit

Wireless phone charging

Multi-zone climate control that is automatic.

Heated steering wheel

The heated, ventilated and massaging the front seats

Ambient lighting

Premium stereo with 12 speakers.

Multiple drive modes

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Leather-trimmed interior, etc.

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Since it is a segment SUV of the D-plus category, BJ60 is fairly expensive. The SUV’s price starts from around the price of Rs. 7.5 million, and increases to 9 million rupees. 9 million. The price is high, the new SUV from BAIC will be difficult to compete with other SUVs similar to it in China.


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