Amazon Fires Thousands of Employees Amid Mass Tech Industry Lay Offs

Amazon Fires Thousands of Employees Amid Mass Tech Industry Lay Offs

This is the most dangerous job you can work for in tech companies. Over the past week, thousands of employees of different tech conglomerates were laid off. Now Amazon is joining the growing number of companies that are parting ways from their workers.

New York Timesreports the shocking layoffs planned by the e-commerce giant. According to a report, Amazon could fire up to 10,000 employees as part of its latest round mass layoffs.

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Amazon’s retail division, human resource and the devices unit that works on its popular voice assistant Alexa will be the most affected. However, the exact number of job cuts is still unknown. According to anonymous sources, the cuts will be made team-by-team rather than on an all-at-once basis as each division completes its current projects.

If it is kept at 10,000, it would represent 3% of Amazon’s corporate workforce and less that 1% of Amazon’s global network of employees. This number currently exceeds 1.5 million. This is a majority of hourly workers.

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Amazon had 1,608,000 full-time or part-time employees as of December
31, 2013, but this number could drop quickly.
 Amazon has yet
to reply to a request for comment.

This news comes right before the holiday season in many western nations, which is typically prime time for Amazon and other retailers alike. They need as many people as possible because of the increased workload. This shows how much pressure a drop in global economic growth can put on a company. Amazon is now focusing its efforts on reducing its business, particularly in areas that have been understaffed and underdelivering for many years.

Amazon would be the latest company to suffer massive job losses after Meta, Spotify and Twitter.


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