5 Best Methods to Speed Up Older and Tired I Phones you need to know

5 Best Methods to Speed Up Older and Tired I Phones you need to know

5 Best Methods to Speed Up Older and Tired I Phones you need to know iPhone is among the most advanced and versatile phone on the market. Like other phones, iPhones also have batteries and are subject to deterioration. To prevent a sudden and unpredictable shut-down Apple has added a function that could make it difficult to use the iPhone.

Based on Apple they added the slowdown on the iPhone to increase battery’s lifespan and also to preserve the best experience. The slowdown, however, is restricted to specific iPhones , including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.

Does this mean you must face the slowdown after a specific time? This isn’t the case. It’s not necessary and unavoidable to deal with an iPhone slowdown. If you are taking special steps to ensure the speed of your iPhone and keep it running smoothly, it’s likely that you will be able to accelerate it instead of slowing it down. In this blog, we’ve covered the top five methods to accelerate the iPhone and prevent the sudden shutdown of the device.

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Eliminate unnecessary files

The maximum storage capacity of the iPhone can be detrimental in terms of speed and performance. iPhone. Utilizing the full storage capacity of the iPhone will increase its CPU utilization and the collective exertion that is required by an iPhone to keep battery consumption within a reasonable range.

You can free your iPhone by removing unnecessary and redundant documents. For instance, you can either delete or transfer any additional photos or videos to another device or simply erase the data. To do that, go into Settings > General Storage and iCloud Usage. Then choose Manage Storage in the Storage section.

You can erase and eliminate unneeded files in this section and determine how much space you’re currently using. In addition, using additional features, you can clear out the old conversation, deinstall Unused Apps, and enable the iCloud Photo Library. These steps will prolong the battery’s life and improve the speed of the iPhone.

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Delete the automatic Apps update

Automatically running Apps within the background may consume a large portion of your battery. If your battery slows down it is likely that your iPhone will too. To prevent this from happening, attempt to disable the feature that automatically updates your app. This will help conserve battery and CPU usage.

The main benefit of removing the automatic update of apps is that it can prolong the lifespan of batteries and may cause a more intense speed. Are you unsure what you can do to stop the app’s automatic update? To stop the app update that is automatic you must go to settings section, then iTunes & App Store and click the toggle to turn off Updates under the Automatic Downloads section..This gives you the ability to have the ability to control the app’s updates and allows you to update to whatever app you like to use on your iPhone.

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Turn off Location Services

Location services consume an enormous amount of iPhone battery. When the battery is slowing down it could reduce the performance of the iPhone also. The best method to save the battery and accelerate the speed of the iPhone is to not give access to your current location. After downloading an app it is no longer necessary to provide all details including the address.

iOS 11 gives you control over privacy settings, and you can decide not to allow app developers the ability to access your address. Go to the setting>Privacy>Location services and adjust the settings. This will ensure your privacy and conserve the battery in order to keep the speed that is optimal for the iPhone.

Use HEIF and HEVC for Images and Videos

The majority of Apple fans purchase the iPhone to record the events of the day and night. Videos and images take up the majority of iPhone capacity. But, can you address these issues without losing photos and videos?


Yes, if you adopt using the HEIF or HEVC format for videos and images, you can cut down on the size of your video and images. The easiest method to adopt these formats is to navigate into settings > camera > formats, and select High Efficiency in order to accept the latest HEIF and HEVC formats..

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Update applications

It is equally important to installing the apps. If you do not update the apps, they may linger throughout the day and not provide the full performance. These apps could eat up the battery by consuming too much and eventually drain the battery.


To update your app, open the Apple App Store and select update and update all to update every app on your iPhone. This will guarantee maximum performance with minimal battery consumption and ensuring maximum iPhone speed.

Wrap up

The older version of the iPhone may still be slow. To prevent this, for example you should adhere to the steps listed in the previous paragraphs. Be sure to use the battery is the most crucial. If you are planning to use the most space on your iPhone and then add more battery consumption which will reduce the processing power.

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This can gradually slow your iPhone over time. But, following the above methods like updating your apps, turning off automatic updates for apps making use of HEIF and HEVC and removing unnecessary files are essential to speed speeds up the performance of your iPhone.


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